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What to do first in this celebrated city? Explore the incomparable Louvre. Cruise the Seine. Savor a just-baked croissant. Stroll the Avenue des Champs-Elysees. Venture to the Palace of Versailles. However you spend your time, you’re sure to fall in love again and again. The City of Light draws millions of visitors every year with its unforgettable ambiance. Of course, the divine cuisine and vast art collections deserve some of the credit as well. The gentle River Seine rambles through the city, flanked by stately museums, centuries-old churches, and blocks of Rococo- and Neoclassic-design architecture, further enhanced by cascading trees and glowing streetlamps. Peppering the Seine's cobbled walks and graceful bridges are impossibly chic Parisians, probably on their way to the market, cafe or cinema.

The home to some 2 million people, Paris could take you multiple lifetimes to explore from top to bottom—and that's not counting the Louvre. Happily, the métro system is extremely efficient and will aid you in see-and-flee sight-seeing. But to truly savor Paris's heady parfum, opt for the bus, or even better, your feet. In no time at all, you'll be strolling like a true Parisian from the arty Rive Gauche (Left Bank) to the regal Rive Droite (Right Bank). I’ve spent years visiting, running tours, and even living here and this travel guide to Paris will help you plan the perfect trip to this beautiful city by giving you on and off the beaten path things, costs, money saving tips, and everything in between!

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